Thursday, July 4, 2013

On Making The Bold Decisions

I just want to put this out there: I think that young people today have it tough. Of course: people in their mid twenties these days have access to more opportunity that ever before. I'm not trying to deny that. We have countless gadgets and systems to make our life easier, and there is more knowledge in the world that is more readily available to anybody who wants to receive it. However, I think with all of that there comes great social responsibility, which, with many young people, leads to greater social anxiety. It is a constant pressure of 'Am I good enough?' 'Do I wear the right clothes?' 'Am I the ideal weight?' 'Have I got enough friends?'

It's a minefield.

Depression rates are up. Suicide rates are up. And it doesn't stop with young people. Just last week, a friend told me that her partner's Uncle had just committed suicide. He was fifty four.

Let me just put this out there. I moved to another country to work a night shift. I didn't really know anybody, and had no idea how I was going to adapt to such a rapid change in lifestyle. I had lived way from home before, however I had anticipated that this would be a little different.
It is.

Along with obvious physical tolls on my body from working such hours, there have been mental and emotional strains that have come with the transition. Trying to assist other people in their transition hasn't helped either. There is a distinct domino affect at play when people aren't happy and it spreads like disease.

So where am I going with this?

The thing is: we are not bound to anywhere, or tied to anything. The greatest thing about the world today is that we are given the freedom to design our own fate. Whatever it is that you're not happy with, there are ways to change it. 

Every day, make one positive effort to better your life.

I recently quit smoking (again) which is a habit that has come in and out of my life for longer that I would be willing to admit. Along with quitting smoking, I also decided to cut back on alcohol. I removed processed foods from my diet, cancelled out majority of my dairy intake, and hired a personal trainer.

Point of this? I have learned that you can never be completely happy emotionally, spiritually, or mentally unless your insides are happy, too.

And I didn't do this all at once. I took small steps to better myself. Even the most miniscule effort towards positive action is the first step in improving your life. Cutting out the dirt, and the things that were making me feel physically uncomfortable, has had a great impact on the way I approach everything else in my life.

Of course, there are still frustrations. There are 'dog days' when it seems that nothing will go right.

I will repeat what I said. We have the power to design our own fate.

Don't waste it.


  1. Great writing here, Rachel!
    I often question myself on the decisions I have made or the ones I'm going to make. I can honestly say, my life is at a crossroad right now. There are many MANY days I was thinking that I have the BIGGEST problem in the world, and noone could ever solve it. But then, I just heard news that my best friend's marriage is in trouble, they're thinking of ending it.
    And I look at all my problems and felt belittled by it. I guess sometimes we're just not being grateful enough of the things we have now.

    Things may go wrong, and it always sucks when it happens. But I learned these past years, it's how you get back up and get out of that mess that defines your future. If you keep your problems lingering then your future will be affected by the things you do or don't do now.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Keep it coming. I love it! :)

  2. Thanks, Ebic!

    I think we really do have to take a holistic approach. It can be extremely difficult to strike a balance between letting the past define you, and learning from it. Some of the things I am most grateful for in my life have come about from situations that were less than desirable.

    I think we are naturally cautious in moving forward, but we have to take positive action to do so regardless.