Thursday, October 25, 2012

Why I Forgive Kanye West

I think I speak for all of us when I say that we are angry at Kanye West. Here’s a few reasons why:

1.     Who can forget the ‘Imma let you finish’ moment at the VMAs?
This was years ago, yet somehow it sticks in all our minds as one of the biggest ‘jackass’ moments in Gen-Y history. Love her or hate her, Tay-Tay Swift did NOT deserve that.

2.     He has turned Kimmy Kay into a ‘ghetto-fabulous’ mess.
Again, you can love her or hate her, but Kim Kardashian used to wear nice clothes before she became one half of ‘Kimye’. They fit her better, too, but that’s not for here.

(This is a hot mess)

3.     He has not been blessed with modesty.
See here HERE when he stormed the stage at the MTV Europe Music Awards to protest his “million dollah” video not winning. On another occasion, he also said that if there were a modern version of the bible, he would be in it. ERM, OK HONEY PIE.

So perhaps Kanye has taken things too far before. He has had ridiculous hair, ridiculous clothing, and has even sung a song about how ridiculous he is. (Yeah, it's true. Hear it HERE)

I do believe, though, that we should probably forgive Kanye for all of his (many) wrongdoings.

Here are my reasons: WHY I FORGIVE KANYE WEST

1.     He knows exactly who to collaborate with to make a hit.
Need I list: Chris Martin, Rihanna, Jay Z, Adam Levine, Beyonce, Swizz Beats, Bon Iver, Thirty Seconds To Mars… Need I continue?
Point is, once I have collaborated with some of the biggest selling artists of the decade, I will be able to say that Kanye is not cool. (Not happening ever, by the way.)

2.     He lets us know where he’s come from.
Now, I know I’m not alone when I was like, “HOLLA GURLL” when JLO did her ‘Jenny From The Block’ stuff. I’m whiter than Casper, and I began to identify with the Bronx. Similarly, Kanye wants us to know that he is from humble beginnings, and he has never shunned his past. From ‘Made In America’ (Watch The Throne, 2012) “I told my Mumma I was on the come up; She said you going to school, I’ll give you a summer; Then she met No I.D and gave me his number; Ten years later she drivin a hummer.”
Don’t we all love a man who love his mumma!?

3.     He kind of has a point... Even when he says it wrong.
Of course, when he said that George Bush ‘hates black people’, it might not have been the most politically correct thing that any one has ever said. I would like to point out, however, that many modern celebrities would never be so candid for fear of persecution.
Plus, ‘Single Ladies’ is one of the best video clips of our time.

(Whoa there, Kanye)

4.     He’s a damn rock star!
He talks shit, he’s abrasive, and he makes people angry! How many true rock stars are left in this world?! If we begin to eliminate the Kanye’s, we might get stuck with (a) the too-good Bieber-fever, or (b) Miss ‘keep-me-relevant’ Madonna.
Bitches, please. Move aside?  The King is here.

5.     He admits when he’s wrong.
 Currently the world is gripped with this snooze fest (other-wise known as the US Presidential Debate), where it seems that a politician can say or do anything without ever having to apologize. Need I write how REFRESHING it is to find a CELEBRITY who is the first to admit he is wrong, and go even further than a simple apology? I am referring, of course, to Kanye calling himself a douchebag in his song Runaway, which he wrote to apologize for Tay-Tay Swift-Gate. See HERE

So, I guess there you have it. A rockstar who speaks his mind, operates as an open book, and isn’t too big to say ‘sorry'.

What’s not to forgive?!

Oh, wait. I forgot this:


Point taken.

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